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  • Milk kefir grains
  • Fresh milk kefir grains
  • Kefir Contains milk
  • Make Homemade Kefir with kefir grains - buy them here.

Buy fresh milk kefir grains - 30g

Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock


Quick Overview

Milk Kefir Grains

30 grams of live, reusable milk kefir grains - Make your own Milk Kefir at Home.

  1. Reusable milk kefir cultures, also known as live milk kefir grains

  2. Cultures at room temperature

  3. Can be used to culture milk

  4. Instructions for using this kefir culture are included

  5. Create a new batch of milk kefir every 16–24 hours



Milk Kefir Grains

Make milk kefir at home. Making kefir is easy !

Details : Milk kefir grains are living cultures (composition = yeast and bacteria).

After the addition of milk to the kefir grains and a fermentation of approximately 24 hours, you have a delicious probiotic beverage. Milk kefir can be consumed or flavored with sugar, fresh fruit.

1 sachet of live kefir grains contains : Fresh and reusable kefir grains for the production of milk kefir.

This product does not contain genetically modified ingredients.

Packaging : Packed in food safe packaging.

Features : Milk kefir grains for making kefir. Milk kefir contains dairy (lactose), when mixed with milk of animal origin.

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