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Kefir related links - related links
General information about Kefir. Already online since 2004.
Kefir is a fermented milk drink made with kefir grains and has its origin in the north of the Caucasus Mountains, where traditional kefir was made in animal skin bags that were hung near a doorway. Traditional kefir is made with animal milk. Regular milk used to make his kefir cow, goats, and sheep's milk. Raw milk has traditionally been used. Kefir contains various types of probiotic BACTERIA. Some alternative names for kefir; kefir, kefirflowers, kefir plant, yogurtplant, and many other possible names in different countries.
Informative blog about kefir. Much information about Milk kefir and Water kefir.
An English blog about kefir. Many relevant articles. It is also limited available in Dutch and German.
A little blog about Water kefir. A limited number of articles on Water kefir.

Information about kombucha. Kombucha is a drink that results from the fermentation of sweetened tea yeast cultures. Although it is claimed that kombucha may have some beneficial effects on health, the claims are not supported by scientific evidence. Kombucha is also known as the sister of Water kefir. Now, to prepare kombucha, a proper preparation is very important. Improper preparation can lead to contamination.
Small link collection with kefir-related websites.

How to Make Homemade Yogurt? Choose a Yogurt Starter Culture and Milk. You have several options for selecting a Yogurt Starter and the type of milk to use to make yogurt at home. Prepare the Milk for Making Yogurt. Inoculate the Milk. Let the Milk Culture. Refrigerate Your Homemade Yogurt. That's it.

Homemade yogurt

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