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 Driedelig waterslot inclusief conische stop

  •  Driedelig waterslot voor vergisting
  • 3-delig waterslot met stop
  •  Driedelig waterslot inclusief conische stop
  • Weckpot waterkefir waterslot

3 Piece Airlock

Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

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Quick Overview

3-Piece Airlock for your fermentation process

  1. Includes body, piston and vented cap. Fill with water and insert in drilled stopper or bung to vent gases during fermentation

  2. Prevents the invasion of foreign yeast, bacteria & insects

  3. Discourages yeast overactivity

  4. Helps to avoid cross-contamination (you can ferment kombucha and kefir in the same place)

  5. Prevents evaporation by sealed construction

  6. Easy to clean

Dimensions airlock : 35 x 115 mm (Ø x H), conical course tube Ø 9 tot 12 mm.

Dimension of conical stop: outer Ø 25/32 mm, inner Ø 8 mm.



Three-Piece Airlock

The 3-piece airlock is delivered together with a conical stop Ø 25/32 mm with a Ø 8 mm opening. A 3-part water lock that fits the fermentation activity well. The perforated lid leaves the carbon dioxide dosed along the small holes.

Use :

By filling the 3-piece airlock for half with water, it works like a kind of siphon. Necessary for most fermentation, like making kefir or kombucha. Installs onto a jar or bucket allowing to vent gases during fermentation, while keeping bugs out. Easy to clean with water.

If you want to make a hole in the lid of a fermentation pot. That can be easily done for wood, cork or metal. Use a suitable drill of Ø 27 or 28 mm. To make a hole in a glass lid, I advise you to go to a glass dealer, they have the appropriate material to make a hole in glass.

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