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Organic raw cane sugar - 500g

  • Organic raw cane sugar - 500g
  • Organic raw cane sugar - 500g

Organic raw cane sugar - 500g

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Availability: Out of stock


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Organic Raw Cane Sugar 500g

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Organic Raw Cane Sugar 500g

Dark cane sugarRaw cane sugar is ideal for preparing Water Kefir. Unrefined cane sugar or raw sugar is extracted from sugar cane. The juice of the sugar cane is boiled and then crystallized and sieved. Cane sugar is centrifuged shorter than beet sugar, leaving behind a dark brown viscous mass (molasses). This syrup gives the well-known color to brown cane sugar. Cane exists as beet sugar from sucrose, a mixture of glucose and fructose. Cane contains some minerals and vitamins that lacks in sugar beets.

Molasses or black-strap is a syrupy by-product of the production of sugar from sugar cane. Due to the high mineral content is called sometimes salty syrup.

Dark cane indicates wine and beer its special taste.

Color value = 5000 to 6000 on the ICUMSA scale.

Dark cane sugar 500g

Origin : Paraguay

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