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Make your own Kombucha at home. Kombucha is a health drink made by fermenting tea and sugar. The result is something between a sparkling apple cider and champagne, depending on what type of tea has been used. To make Kombucha yourself you will need a SCOBY or fungus. This fungus can be bought here. In some stores you can buy kombucha in a bottle. Using our kombucha starter culture you can brew your own Kombucha!

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  1. Kefir ferment  - NATALI

    Kombucha Starter Cultures - 2x5g

    Kombucha starter cultures - make kombucha at home

    For the preparation of kombucha.

    2 sachets of kombucha freeze-dried fermentations of 5 grams each.

    Add the contents of 1 bag of ferment to 1 liter of water with some sugar and after a few days your kombucha tea is ready.

    The finished drink can be further inoculated to make a maximum of 10 liters of kombucha.

    Instructions on the sachet in Dutch and French.

    Product certified FR-BIO-01.

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