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Yogurt & Vegan Starters

Yogurt & Vegan Starters

Make kefir and yogurt at home with powdered starter cultures

With several types of yogurt starter cultures to choose from, this is the place to start for making yogurt at home. Make Bulgarian yogurt, Bifidum yogurt, Ryazhenka and Kefir at home. Make your own yogurt with these powdered starter cultures, no grains to maintain. The fresher the yogurt, the more viable bacteria it contains. Direct set starters cultures are ideal for people who don't want to maintain live kefir grains.

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  1. Soja ferment - NATALI

    Powdered soy yogurt starter - Starterpack 2x6g

    Powdered soy yogurt starter - 2 sachets of 6g each

    Make soy yogurt at home - A dairy-free yogurt - Direct-set yogurt culture

    2 sachets of freeze-dried soy ferment.

    Add the contents of one sachet to 1/2 liter of soymilk and make your own fermented soy yogurt.

    Instructions on the sachets are in Dutch and French.

    Product Certified FR-BIO-01.

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  2. Kefir ferment  - NATALI

    Water Kefir Starter Cultures, direct-set starter cultures, 2x5g

    Water kefir starter cultures, to make water kefir at home

    This powdered kefir culture makes water kefir.

    2 sachets of kefir ferment of 5 grams each.

    Add the contents of 1 sachet to 1 liter of water with some fruit and sugar and the next day your water kefir beverage is ready.

    A powdered kefir starter culture may also be used to culture coconut water or fruit juice

    This product can be used to make 16L of water kefir.

    Instructions on the sachet are in Dutch and French.

    Product certified FR-BIO-01.

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  3. Kefir ferment  - NATALI

    Kombucha Starter Cultures - 2x5g

    Kombucha starter cultures - make kombucha at home

    For the preparation of kombucha.

    2 sachets of kombucha freeze-dried fermentations of 5 grams each.

    Add the contents of 1 bag of ferment to 1 liter of water with some sugar and after a few days your kombucha tea is ready.

    The finished drink can be further inoculated to make a maximum of 10 liters of kombucha.

    Instructions on the sachet in Dutch and French.

    Product certified FR-BIO-01.

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  4. Kefir ferment  - NATALI

    Starter Culture for Vegetables 2x5g

    Gevriesdroogde fermenten - Poederpreparaat voor lactofermentatie van groenten - 2x5g

    2 zakjes ferment van elk 5 gram.

    Met de dubbele dosis kun je 2 kg groenten inmaken.

    Instructie op het zakje in het Nederlands en Frans.

    Biologisch, product gecertificeerd FR-BIO-01.


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