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  1. Kefir ferment  - NATALI

    Kefir Starter Cultures, Freeze-Dried, 2x6g

    Kefir starter cultures - NATALI

    For the preparation of Milk kefir.

    2 sachets of freeze-dried milk kefir starter, each sachet 6g.

    Add the contents of 1 sachet to 1 liter of sterilized milk and the next day your kefir beverage is ready to drink.

    Take a few tablespoons on your kefir preparation and the next day you'll have a new batch beverage.

    Instructions on the sachet in Dutch and French.

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  2. Kefir Starter Culture

    Powdered Kefir Starter Culture

    Powdered Kefir Starter Culture

    Make milk kefir with this powdered starter culture. This culture is easy to use to make homemade kefir.

    1. No kefir grains to maintain
    2. Culturing at room temperature is possible, but fermentation time will be longer
    3. Much lower cost than buying ready kefir at the store
    4. Cheaper than in other online shops
    5. Re-culture by using 3-4 tablespoons kefir from the previous batch as starter for the new batch
    6. FREE Shipping
    7. Shelf life at least 1 year

    Make your own milk kefir, homemade kefir is delicious and healthy. Homemade kefir is a good source of probiotics and is full of right-turning bacteria, vitamins and yeasts.

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