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  • Raw kombucha starter 300ml - Kombucha scoby op dag 18 van 1,5 cm dik

Raw kombucha 300ml starter fluid

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Availability: Out of stock


Quick Overview

Raw kombucha starter


  1. 1x 300ml kombucha starter fluid

This kombucha starter is made with pure ingredients: black tea, sugar and water. The kombucha starter can be used as a starting fluid for making kombucha with or without SCOBY. The kombucha starter is freshly packed on the day of shipment in extra strong food-safe vacuum bags. Each time double packed and thermally sealed to prevent the risk of leaks.

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Raw kombucha 300ml starter fluid

Making your own kombucha tea is fun and exciting! To get started brewing kombucha, you need a number of ingredients, including a kombucha culture, starter liquid , tea, sugar and water. The kombucha fungus, also known as kombucha SCOBY, is available here individually or in a set. We only offer the highest quality products to make the tastiest kombucha at home. To make your first batch of kombucha at home, you need a strong starter liquid. If you are going to brew with a kombucha mushroom you need at least 10% starter liquid. With 300 ml kombucha starter liquid and a kombucha mushroom you can make 3 liters of kombucha tea. Guaranteed success!

How to make your own kombucha SCOBY?

How to grow a Kombucha SCOBY yourself in 2 ~ 4 weeks? With the help of this raw kombucha starter you can grow a kombucha SCOBY. Now, there are a few important points to achieving a successful breeding. Grow the kombucha at 21C ~ 27C. You will be more successful in the summer than in the winter, so preferably do this in the summer. Choose a good, quiet and warm location where the kombucha can grow undisturbed.

If you want a guaranteed result, we recommend using a kombucha SCOBY + starter fluid for making your first batch!

Kombucha recipe for 1 liter without SCOBY

Use a relatively large, wide kombucha jar or glass. The raw kombucha starter that is used to start the cultivation does not have enough nutrients for optimal cultivation, so we make an additional starter tea. The recipe below is the starter tea. Only use black tea. Don't experiment with green or white tea, a kombucha scoby works best with regular black tea. We use English Breakfast black tea and achieved good results. You can only do this with raw kombucha that is unflavored and unpasteurized.


  1. 4 grams of loose black tea (1 tea bag = 2g)
  2. 50 grams of sugar (recommended: organic light cane sugar)
  3. 700 ml water (recommended: spring water, tap water (mineral water, soft water))
  4. 300ml raw kombucha starter liquid


  1. glass jar with a wide opening of at least 1.5 liters volume
  2. breathable cloth (cheesecloth or kitchen paper)
  3. rubber band (stretcher)
  4. stirring spoon
  5. tea strainer


Boil half a liter of water and add the tea, let the mixture steep for at least 15 minutes. After brewing, the tea bags or loose tea are removed and you add the sugar while stirring. Pour half a liter of water into the glass jar with wide mouth and add the half liter of tea. Let it cool down to room temperature. Now add the kombucha starting liquid and stir everything well. Cover the kombucha pot with an air-permeable cloth and secure it with a rubber band. Place the kombucha pot in a quiet, warm and dark place (room temperature). After 1 to 2 weeks a yellowish layer forms on the surface, that is the kombucha fungus or SCOBY. You can only harvest the new SCOBY when it is about half a centimeter thick. Depending on the ambient temperature, this process can take longer to max. 4 weeks. Given the long fermentation time, I cannot recommend drinking this drink, the drink can then be very sour. Create a new batch with the obtained SCOBY according to the basic recipe.

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