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  • Yogurt

    Yogurt Making FAQ - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about making Yogurt.

    • Is homemade yogurt healthier?

      Homemade yogurt is generally healthier, the yoghurt made with a starter contains healthy bacteria (probiotics). Homemade yogurt contains more probiotics than the yogurt you buy at the store, also the fresher the yogurt, the more probiotics the yogurt contains.

      Yoghurt is commonly classified as a very good source of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B2 and iodine. Yoghurt is apparent from the analysis also to be a good source of vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, vitamin B5, zinc, potassium, and molybdenum. These nutrients alone would make yogurt a very health supporting nutrient. But the most interesting for the health is the inclusion of live bacteria. The highest quality yogurt contains live bacteria that can have numerous health benefits. Yogurt containing live bacterial cultures, can help strengthen your immune system.

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