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Kefir FAQ's

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  • Water kefir

    Water Kefir FAQ - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Water Kefir.

    • What is the optimal water to sugar ratio ?

      The optimal ratio is about 5 to 10% sugar in water, which is about 1 tablespoon sugar on 1 cup of water.

      Water kefir is made with water kefir grains, also known as Japanese water crystals, sugar grains or tibicos Making water kefir is easy and fun to make. Learn to make water kefir at the

    • Where to buy water kefir grains ?

      On our website you can buy fresh live water kefir grains. Water kefir grains are also known as Japanese water crystals, tibicos, sugar kefir grains, and California bees. Waterkefir is delicious alternative to lemonade or other soft drinks. Waterkefir is the perfect drink for those who like to keep it healthy. Water kefir has a sweet and sour, crisp and very refreshing taste. Water kefir is easy to make. All you need is our water kefir grains and some basic ingredients like water and sugar.

    • Alternative names for water kefir

      Other names for Water kefir :

      • Tibicos or Tibi
      • Japanese Water Crystals
      • Graines Vivantes
      • Kefir d'acqua
      • Wasserkefir
      • Japanische Meereskristalle
      • Wasser kefir knollen
      • Sugar kefir grains
      • Pilz
      • Kefir di Frutta
      • Kefirs
      • Kephir
      • Aqua Gems
      • California Bees
    • Water kefir should be acidic

      A ready to drink Water Kefir should have a pH of 3.0 to 5.0.

      Adding a half piece of lemon to your brew will make it more acidic.

      Note :

      - water has a pH of 7

      - lemons are acidic, measuring at 2 to 3