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  1. Melkkefir startset

    Milk Kefir Starter Kit

    All-in-one Milk Kefir Starter Kit

    Make your own milk kefir at home with this Milk kefir starter kit.

    Our milk kefir grains are grown on organic milk.

    This starter kit contains carefully selected ingredients and supplies, it is the perfect set for the beginner !

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  2. Kilner neteldoek

    Muslin Square 40cm

    Muslin Square

    Muslin Square is 100% cotton with hemmed edges. The muslin square is machine washable. .

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  3. Waterkefirkorrels (vers)

    Water Kefir - 10g live water kefir grains

    Water Kefir Grains - Free EU Shipping

    1. Delicious and easy to flavor with any fruit juice or sugar
    2. With proper care water kefir grains will last forever
    3. Water kefir brews in as little as 24-48 hours
    4. Simple instructions in English for making waterkefir are included
    5. Carefully sealed and packed
    6. Delivery across Europe

    Hot Weather Shipping Advice :

    We advise NOT to buy live kefir grains when the local temperature reaches +27°C, while shipping live kefir grains can be damaged.

    We advise to buy dehydrated kefir grains instead.

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  4. Kefir starter - ferment

    Yogurt & Kefir starter culture - 10 sachets

    Yogurt & kefir starter culture - Combipack

    • Contains : 5 sachets of yogurt starter culture + 5 sachets of kefir starter culture
    • Store extra sachets in the refrigerator until ready for use
    • Each sachet is 1 gram of freeze-dried starter

    Powdered starter cultures

    Use 1 sachet to make your first batch, re-culture several times

      1. Homemade yogurt & kefir contains a wide spectrum of probiotics
      2. Suitable for use with whole milk
      3. Best quality at the lowest price
      4. Can be re-cultured several times
      5. Guaranteed shelf life of at least 1 year
      6. FREE shipping available
      7. Instruction on the packaging in French and Dutch
      8. All instructions are available online
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  5. kombucha

    Kombucha starter kit 2

    Kombucha starters set 2

    Create your own set.

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  6. Kefir ferment  - NATALI

    Water Kefir Starter Cultures, direct-set starter cultures, 2x5g

    Water kefir starter cultures, to make water kefir at home

    This powdered kefir culture makes water kefir.

    2 sachets of kefir ferment of 5 grams each.

    Add the contents of 1 sachet to 1 liter of water with some fruit and sugar and the next day your water kefir beverage is ready.

    A powdered kefir starter culture may also be used to culture coconut water or fruit juice

    This product can be used to make 16L of water kefir.

    Instructions on the sachet are in Dutch and French.

    Product certified FR-BIO-01.

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  7. Ruwe rietsuiker - 25 kg

    Organic raw cane sugar - 1kg

    Organic Raw Cane Sugar 1kg

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  8. Baking soda - 500g

    Baking soda - 500g

    Baking soda - 500g

    Baking soda is very versatile in use. Baking soda is also known as purification salt or as gastric salt. Baking soda is suitable for both in the kitchen and in the household. It can even be used for personal care.

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  9.  Driedelig waterslot inclusief conische stop

    3 Piece Airlock

    3-Piece Airlock for your fermentation process

    1. Includes body, piston and vented cap. Fill with water and insert in drilled stopper or bung to vent gases during fermentation
    2. Prevents the invasion of foreign yeast, bacteria & insects
    3. Discourages yeast overactivity
    4. Helps to avoid cross-contamination (you can ferment kombucha and kefir in the same place)
    5. Prevents evaporation by sealed construction
    6. Easy to clean

    Dimensions airlock : 35 x 115 mm (Ø x H), conical course tube Ø 9 tot 12 mm.

    Dimension of conical stop: outer Ø 25/32 mm, inner Ø 8 mm.

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  10. Waterkefirkorrels (vers)

    Water Kefir Starter Kit

    Water kefir starter KIT

    Kit with accessories and ingredients for beginners

    Make your own Water kefir at home

    The 'Water kefir' starter kit contains :

    1. 40 g water kefir grains
    2. a printed manual with 'Water kefir' recipe
    3. set of 4 nylon mesh strainer
    4. self-adhesive thermometer strip +10 to + 40 & deg; C
    5. three-piece airlock
    6. 500 g Organic Dark cane sugar (origin Costa Rica or Paraguay)
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