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About us

The Kefirshop.eu


Since 2015, Kefirshop.eu is present on the Internet.


The start was made in 2015, when Kefirshop.eu was founded.


The Kefirshop.eu grows kefir grains intended for sale. The Kefirshop.eu strives to deliver kefir grains with the best possible quality. The growth of the culture of kefir grains is done only with natural ingredients. Their is always care for the optimal environment of the kefir cultures. Much attention is paid to hygiene. The Kefirshop.eu also keep the ecological footprint as small as possible, through efficient use of energy and water. I strive afterwards to deliver products of good quality.

The Kefirshop.eu is open to any suggestion or comment about our products or service.


In good health,